Configure Freevoice Softphone

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You are going to need the extension you are trying to register to your phone, the domain provided through the e-mails and the secret of the selected extension.

Click tools, then options.

Click account  and then click Add.
Select Freevoice for the network.
Input yourextension@yourdomain in the User ID field.
Input the secret of the extension into the Password field.

Click Add.

Your extension should now be registered.

You can also check if a users softphone is registered to its extension without accessing that users workstation by logging into your Admin account on your PBX, then going to:
PBX > PBX Info, then click the SIP Peers tab.

You should see information similar to the image below, which tells you:

  • The extension is registered.
  • The public IP of the network that the softphone is connecting from.
  • The port on that networks router that the softphone is using.
  • The status and the latency of the connection.