Soft Phone

Download the softphone.


Run the setup file as administrator.

After running the setup you will be asked to select your options. 
We recommend checking the Auto-start box. 
After selecting your options continue with the installation using default settings.

When the installation has finished, click the Finish button and the program will start.

If shortly after starting the program, you are asked to install updates, click install and allow the updates to start.

The phone will reset and is now ready to be configured.


You are going to need the extension you are trying to register to your phone, the domain provided through the e-mails and the secret of the selected extension.
Click tools, then options.

Click account and then click Add.
Select Freevoice for the network.
Input yourextension@yourdomain in the User ID field.
Input the Registration Password of the extension into the Password field.
Click Add.

Your extension should now be registered.

Outlook integration with Windows 10

Due to a recent forced update the Outlook integration was broken and causes MS outlook to crash. 
For now the quick work around would be to go into your softphones installation folder and delete the following files from the directories below. 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Freevoice Phone\native\jmsofficecomm.dll 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Freevoice Phone\native\jmsoutlookaddrbook.dll